Established in 1912

The Knightstown Public Library provides materials and services to fulfill the professional, civic, educational, and recreational needs of the community residents.  The Library is committed to supporting lifelong learning by serving as a center for self-education.  The Library also strives to treat patrons with respect for individual differences and tolerance for opposing opinions.

 History of the Knightstown Public Library


  "The laying of the cornerstone for the new library was conducted on July 4, 1912, by the Free and Accepted Masons of Knightstown.  Impressive services were conducted and a large number of people were present.  Within the cornerstone in a copper receptacle, were deposited the following articles:  History of Knightstown Library; list of donors for purchase of library site; deposit by each of the women's literary clubs; deposit of Knightstown Federation of Clubs; deposits by different lodges; deposit of a roster of the town officials of Knightstown; deposit of the Knightstown Banner.


The people of Knightstown had cause to be thankful on Thanksgiving Day, 1912, for the new Carnegie library was completed and dedicated on that day.  The attendance at the dedication proved that people were truly appreciative of their new library.  The library opened with a reception and those who registered the first day were given souveniers of miniature flags.  At the time of the opening the only thing that was lacking to beautify the interior was the frescoing of the walls.  An additional sum was raised by the clubs for this purpose.


 A legacy of $1,000 was bequeathed the public library by Mrs. Amanda Reeves.  In 1921, this amount was added to the endowment fund previously started by the gift of $100 made by Miss Mary Holloway.  In 1922, the library received$1,00 from the estate of Samuel D. Reeves, acording to his will made in 1915.  This bequest swelled the endowment fund to $2,100.


 In 1927, the library board decided to have the books catalogued according to the newest and best system of cataloguing.  To do this, Miss Bertha Miller of Centerville, was employed.  She spent six months cataloguing the books.  The payment for this was made from the endowment fund.  This catalogue added much to the convenience in the use of the books.

 With the increase in the number of books in the library and the increase in circulation has come an increase in the scope of the library's service to the community.  Today, in 1992, service has been expanded to include delivery to the homebound, large-print materials for the partially-sighted, videotapes, audio-tapes, and a large number of periodicals, as well as an up-to-date selection of books."

In recent years, 2000 to the present, the library has continued all of the above services, and now offers computers for public use, free Wi-Fi, faxes and copying services, and has upgraded to DVDs.  To honor its 100th birthday the library is being renovated, as time and money permit, in the hopes of restoring its original beauty and drawing the patronage of Knightstown and surrounding areas.


     Vanda Carnes (2010 - 

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