Knightstown Public Library

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The Knightstown Public Library is one of the few Carnegie buildings that has always served as a

library.  It was established in 1912 and was paid for by a $10,000.00 grant from Andrew Carnegie.

The library opened a tin time capsule from the cornerstone in 2012. The capsule contained various

papers and signatures from 1912. The time capsule was re-sealed in a more accessible location in


The library is supported by the Knightstown, IN taxing district, with a budget that usually runs less

than $100,000 a year. There is a full-time director, three part-time assistants, a part-time

bookkeeper and a part-time custodian. The collection contains around 15,000 items.  The library

owns a strong Indiana history collection.  It also has a good genealogy collection, as well as a

growing digitized collection of obituaries from the Knightstown Banner. The library has an

integrated automation system and a presence on the World Wide Web.


Mission Statement

The Knightstown Public Library provides materials and services to fulfill the professional, civic,

educational, and recreational needs of the community residents. The Library is committed to

supporting lifelong learning by serving as a center for self-education. The Library strives to

treat patrons with respect for individual differences and tolerance for opposing opinions.


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