The following guidelines are established for the weeding of library materials from the Knightstown Public Library collection.

1. Print:

Out of date books: Defined as books with information that is no longer current. These are mostly non-fiction in the science and computer area. However, this does apply to all classifications.
Non-circulating materials: Defined as books that have not been circulated or with very limited circulation during the last 5 years. These books usually do not refer to Classics or Historical Reference Books.
Damaged materials: Defined as books beyond repair. Mostly paperback books or books damaged by many circulations.
Periodicals:  Defined as magazines, newspapers, or pamphlets. These items will be weeded on an on-going basis, due to lack of space. Newspapers are recycled weekly.
Lost materials: Defined as an item missing during the last inventory, will be deleted from the collection.
Multiple copies of an item: Defined as more than one copy of a book or periodical. Extra copies are weeded as the popularity of the book declines. The Library will generally maintain no more than 1 copy of a particular item.

2. Audio Visual:

Materials that have not circulated for 5 years.
Damaged materials.
Duplicate titles.
Materials replaced by new format. (eg. video to DVD or cassette to CD)

3. Disposal of material:

Weeded items will be:

  • Given to the Friends of the Library to sell as fundraisers to benefit the library
  • Offered to other libraries
  • Thrown away or recycled.
  • Materials purchased with public funds cannot be given away.

Weeding will be done throughout the year as staff time permits.

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