Knightstown Public Library

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     The Knightstown Public Library  was established in 1912 and was paid for by a $10,000.00 grant from philanthropist and library planter Andrew Carnegie. It is one of the few Carnegie Library buildings that has been used continually as a library since its founding. In the maintaining of the library directors have worked to keep the style and character of the original building  design intact.

     The library is supported by the Knightstown Indiana taxing district. The community also generously supports the library through gifts and donations. The library employs a full-time director, three part-time assistants, and a  part-time bookkeeper. In addition to our paid staff the library is fortunate to have a group of dedicated volunteers.

      The library’s collection contains around 15,000 items.  The collection includes a strong Indiana history collection as well as a local genealogy collection. The Knightstown Banner and other local newspapers are archived in our genealogy room. In January of 2018 the library moved to the Evergreen Indiana Integrated Library System in order to give our patrons greater access to library materials.

Mission Statement

     The Knightstown Public Library exists to provide materials and services to fulfill the professional, civic, educational, and recreational needs of the residents of our community.  The library and its staff are committed to supporting the lifelong learning goals of the community by serving as a center for self-education, as well as providing programming relevant to our patron’s needs and desires. We strive to treat patrons with respect for individual differences and extend tolerance for opposing viewpoints.


Children’s Story HourRed leaves drawing vector graphics
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Thursdays 6:00 to 7:00 P.M. Ages 8-12

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